BankPacific and First Lady Christine Calvo Team Up For the Teach Children to Save Program


Guam -The ABA Education Foundation’s Teach Children to Save Program was held today in Guam.

This program provides basic financial education by connecting bankers and young students.

In participation, the BankPacific team delivered an interactive and educational presentation to public school children encouraging and showing them how to save money.  They also discussed security and protection from identity theft.

 [L-R: Kalanie Barcinas, Christopher Punzalan, both from BankPacific and First Lady Christine Calvo]

Children learn many subjects and skills in school, but we do not spend enough time teaching them financial skills. This is where BankPacific and other participating banks help to assist our children, our future leaders and workforce to be ready for financial success.

BankPacific President Philip Flores and First Lady Christine Calvo participated in the bank’s presentation to the students of Maria Ulloa Elementary School.  “It was really fun being with the students and their teachers.  They really like the First Lady participating.  She is great with young people” Flores said.  “Our goal, like hers, is to help our children become financially savvy now, not later when it could be too late,” said Flores.

Other schools BankPacific visited today were:

* P.C. Lujan Elementary School, Barrigada

* Harry S. Truman Elementary School, Santa Rita

* Agana Heights Elementary School, Agana Heights