Bar owners preparing for reopening, although some say the damage has been done

Thomas Peinhopf, owner of Live House and The Shady Lady, says he had mixed emotions when he heard the news that bars would be allowed to reopen. (PNC photo)

With PCOR3 now set in place, local bars and taverns are now allowed to reopen starting at 5 pm on Wednesday.

Bars and taverns are among the many establishments that can operate up to 50% capacity under the governor’s latest executive order.

Many bar owners have waited for this day to come and have started preparing for their re-openings. Thomas Peinhopf, owner of Live House and The Shady Lady is one of them and says he had mixed emotions when he heard the news.

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“We’ve been closed for 340 days almost and it’s been a rough ride, a real wild roller coaster. You know, it’s emotional. The large part of the music scene that actually started playing here. Their careers started here, you know, our bartenders, our doorman, our suppliers, our pool table, Pacific Amusement that’s hurting pretty bad. You know, we’re fortunate now. We’re respectful of it and we wanna do the right thing and follow all the measures that we’re being told,” Peinhopf said.

Saying he and the other bar owners are grateful, he admits that it’s long overdue and the damage is already done

“The monthly commercial rents, I don’t know if people of Guam know that the commercial rents down in Tumon are very high and you have to make sales to cover that. This is not just me, this is my friends from Old Traditions, from Icon, from Lava Lounge, from Porky’s, Mac n’ Marti’s, Fusion there’s so many that are hurting. They’ve been strong and firm and they withstood the storm now over a year. They’re now on their knees. They are hurting. Partially negative with their loans, debt, so no joke, we have to recover,” Peinhopf said.

Despite the obstacles, now that bars and taverns are able to re-open, Peinhopf wants to reassure the public that he and the other owners are going to maintain what is requested of them from DPHSS.

“We don’t want to be shut down for the second time and with that being said, we’re going to remind people if we see someone take their masks off, we’ll remind people. We’ll have the sanitizing protocols. Every table is going to have a sanitizer. We’re going to make sure no one goes over the occupancy limit,” Peinhopf said.

Like other business establishments, other than practicing standard COVID-19 protocols, bars and taverns are required to have a written record of their customers. They must maintain this record for a period of 30 days and the records must be readily available to DPHSS when requested.