Barnes Bill Would Replace Existing Street Lights With LED Lights


Guam – A measure sponsored by Senator Tina-Muna Barnes and Speaker Judi Won Pat would allow DPW and GPA to replace the current street lights with energy saving LED lights.

Bill #212 has been dubbed the Island-Wide Energy Efficient Streetlight Act of 2013.

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GPA currently uses either 150 watt bulbs or 250 watt High Pressure Sodium cobra head luminaries in the street lights.

In a release Senator Muna-Barnes points out that a 2010 GPA pilot study on LED lights found that there would be a savings by using LED lights and that savings could be used to buy more streetlights for the villages.

READ the release from Senator Barnes below:

Senator Tina Muna-Barnes And Speaker Won Pat Introduce Legislation To Allow For The Replacement Of Existing Streetlight With Energy-Efficient Streetlights.”

Hagåtña- October 22, 2013- Bill 212-32, the Island-Wide Energy Efficient Streetlight Act of 2013 was introduced by Senator Tina Muna-Barnes and Speaker Judith Won Pat. 

The bill seeks to allow DPW, in conjunction with GPA, to enter into an installment purchase agreement to procure new energy efficient streetlights. Senator Muna-Barnes said “GPA currently uses two types of streetlights 150 watt and 250 watt High Pressure Sodium cobra head luminaires. In 2010, GPA conducted a
pilot project using LED lights and lights using induction technology to determine if there would be any savings in consumption by switching to either of the lights from the current lights. 

The end result was that there would be a savings in power consumption by switching to more energy efficient lighting. With the rising cost of fuel we need to explore new ways to save money where we can. The savings that will be realized will be then used to add more streetlights to the villages. This is something that DPW and the Village Mayors have been trying to do for years.”