Senators Barnes & Taijeron Suggest Guam Guard Play a Role In Stemming Nimitz Beach Erosion


Guam – Senators Tina Muna-Barnes and Mana Silva-Taijeron have written a letter to Guam Guard Adjutant Major General Benny Paulino suggesting the guard might play a role in stemming the erosion at Nimitz Beach Park in Agat.

In their letter they express their concern about the beachfront property there which they say “is eroding at a rapid rate.”

Read the letter to Adj. General Paulino

They suggest that: “some of the proposed options could be handled by members of the Guard during their annual training. This is a great opportunity for them to further develop their skills while helping support the needs of the community.

The 2 Senators say they plan on conducting a round-table discussion to explore various options for stopping the erosion, and they have invited Paulino to participate in that round-table.