Bayview hotel selected as COVID isolation facility

Bayview Hotel in Tumon (Facebook photo)

The Bayview hotel in Tumon has been chosen as GovGuam’s designated COVID isolation facility, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero announced during her news conference this afternoon.

Earlier, Office of Civil Defense administrator Charles Esteves said GovGuam was working on contracting a consolidated isolation facility for isolating asymptomatic COVID patients.

“There are still some folks that are at GMH, they don’t have symptoms, maybe we can move them over to a non-congregate shelter and free up that space for someone who may have symptoms,” Esteves said.

During her news conference this morning, the governor agreed with the need for an isolation facility, saying that even with the Skilled Nursing Unit facility in Barrigada ready to handle any COVID overflow from the Guam Memorial Hospital, there are people that don’t necessarily need hospitalization but have to be isolated.

“And a lot of times, these people’s home environment doesn’t allow for the isolation, or maybe there are family and relatives in the home that might be very vulnerable and fragile to the coronavirus if they get infected. So yes, we still need an isolation facility,” Leon Guerrero said.

She added that GovGuam is continuing to consolidate COVID facilities to maximize efficiencies.

“Whatever limited resources we have are used to a greater impact,” the governor said.