BBC Films Guam’s Coastal Life for New Ocean Series


 You won’t see it until the year 2017, but a BBC crew is currently on Guam filming as part of series on the world’s oceans. (photo courtesy of Chase Weir)


Guam –  There’s a lot to be discovered in the ocean and a crew from the British Broadcasting Corporation is currently on Guam making discoveries of their own while filming for a seven part series on the world’s oceans.



BBC Producer Miles Barton and Cameraman Rod Clarke have been here for about two weeks focusing on the island’s coastal areas.

“We can get closer to the kind of life that comes out of the rock pools,” Barton told PNC.

Among the life Barton is fascinated by is Guam’s chiton, a slug-like species that comes out when the tide is low.

The filming is for the coastal episode in the series Ocean: New Frontiers which is expected to air on the BBC in 2017.