Be on the alert for fake money on Guam, practice these tips

MRFC provides tips on how to identify fake money. (PNC photo)

Guam – Sometimes a counterfeit bill may be hard to identify but with these tips from the Mariana Regional Fusion Center (MRFC) you may have an easier time spotting a fake. 

You may want to check your bills as recent reports of counterfeit money being circulated has the MRFC cautioning the community to be on the alert for fakes. To help you do that, MRFC says to practice the following counterfeit money identifiers to spot a fake and prevent further circulation.

Watch the video:

Remember these tips:

1. Feel the paper. It should feel slightly rough to the touch as a result of the printing process and the unique composition of the paper.

2. Check with light. Hold the note to light to see a security thread embedded on denominations $5 and higher. Hold the note up to light to see a faint image to the right of the portrait on dimensions $5 or higher.

3. Tilt the note. Tilt the note to see the ink I the numbers on the lower right corner and the Bell in the Inkwell change color from copper to green. The 3-d Security Ribbon on the $100 note is woven into the paper.

4. Check with magnification. Microprinting is featured in several locations on the denominations $5 or higher. There are small red and blue security fibers embedded throughout genuine U.S. currency paper.

Guam Homeland Security, Whole Community Preparedness Program Manager Jaimie H. Cruz says, “MRFC continues to monitor threats and hazards to the region. In light of recent reports regarding the use of counterfeit money, the MRFC advises the community to be alert for similar incidences and the potential impact on consumers, businesses, and financial institutions.”

The MRFC are in coordination with all appropriate stakeholders to include local law and federal law enforcement entities and local private sector entities to monitor and assess incidences of counterfeit money use.

If you see suspicious activity, related to the current events, report it to local law enforcement and the MRFC via email at or call 475-0400.

Visit for more information on counterfeit money identifiers.