Beachgoers Beware of Box Jellyfish for This Coming Weekend


Box Jellyfish expected to be in Guam waters July 10-14.

Guam – The Department of Agriculture is warning residents to be on the lookout for Box Jellyfish, a dangerous type of jellyfish that shows up on Guam in groups for about 3 days every year.


According to a press release, Box Jellyfish are not deadly, although they are still dangerous because of their painful stings. The Department of Agriculture says that if a person is stung, they should remove the remaining tentacles and flush the affected area with large amounts of seawater.  The main body of the jellyfish is transparent and can range from 3-6 inches long. The jellyfish can be found in shallow waters across Guam. The Department of Agriculture is advising residents to call the agency if any jellyfish are sighted. Their number is 735-3955.