Beautiful St. Paul Christmas Display Lights Up Rt 16 Hill


The lights turn on from 6 pm to 10 pm and it’s open and free for the public to visit.

Guam – As part of PNC’s Kandet Krismas series, we head over to St. Paul Christian School to see their beautiful light display.

It’s now an annual tradition for the Saint Paul Christian family, their light display that’s launched at the beginning of the holiday season. School Principal Yvonne Inciong explains how they launch the lights and where it happens.

“We launched it the first week of December and what happens is we have our students perform upstairs and their parents and family can come and see the Christmas songs and have that joyful spirit of the holidays. And then once that show is done upstairs in our gymnasium, we have all the audience come down to the lobby and we do a countdown. All the lights around the campus from the playground to the outer fences to the main parking lot is all lit up all at one time,” says Inciong.

Parents, students, family and friends are awed by the Christmas lighting ceremony as the school’s music band plays some Christmas music near the main entrance. Inciong says the tradition started about five years ago and from there it just got bigger and bigger every year.

“Our founder, our bishops, Pastor John and Eva, they love the holiday season and they love lights and so if they can buy out Home Depot’s inventory of Christmas, so do it. In fact, one year it happened. So they had to go outsource and buy even more lights,” recalls Inciong.

So what does it take to maintain such a tradition, besides wiping out a store’s inventory of lights?

“Every year it gets bigger and bigger and so it’s amazing just the storage space for these lights. They’re in bins and containers in storage areas,” says Inciong. “You can imagine the upkeeping and even just the labor that goes into this. We start at least three months before the launch happens and so our support staff they’re out there in the hot sun, in the late evenings, trying to figure out how they’re gonna light up everything.”

Inciong says in the end, it’s all worth it.

“We get feedback of families coming in and also just married couples coming in and they’re just amazed of, ‘Wow it’s so beautiful,’ or, ‘Wow,’ they see the manger setting, they see stars, they see icicles. ‘We gotta come back. We can’t wait until next year.’ It is a tradition. At the same time, it’s really a time for us to give God all the glory for the amazing things he’s doing on our campus,” says Inciong.

She adds: “On behalf of Saint Paul Christian School and also the founders of Saint Paul Christian School, bishops, Pastors John and Eva, we’d like to say merry Christmas and happy new year and have a great holiday season and be safe.”

The light display will continue until the first week of January and is open from 6 to 10 pm. It is open and free for the public to visit.