VIDEO: Matson’s “Adahi I Tano” Program Joins Island Beautification Task Force to Clean Up Guam


Guam –  Matson Navigation has joined forces with the Island Beautification Task Force in a joint effort to raise funds to help Keep Guam Clean.


The Island Beautification Task Force is led by Attorney Notch Shimizu and her husband Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio who said Matson’s initiative emulates a similar community clean-up program in Hawaii and, Tenorio said, the the program should help bolster the Beautification Task Force’s logistics and fund raising efforts.

Matson Guam General Manager Len Isotoff said the program has been named  “Adahi’ I Tano.” The name was chosen by Hurao Academy Director Ann Marie Arceo who explained it means taking care of the land, in Chamorro. The Hurao Academy is the first participant in the new program.


Non-profit groups who are interested in sponsoring a clean up effort can contact Matson for an application.

If you qualify, Matson will supply your organization with an empty container that will be delivered by a Matson driver to your cleanup site and the Matson driver will then haul away the trash you collect at no cost to your organization.