Bella Wings showcases its drone technology; drone documentary to film on Guam

(Photo by Klara M Valqari Zing Drones, Aviation Concepts/Tech Center Guam)

A local businessman spoke with Newstalk K7 about the future of drone technology in Guam.

Bella Wings Aviation, a drone company based in Guam, is looking to bring something new to the annual Liberation Day celebration.

Drone technology has spread across the world at a rapid rate and the number of uses for them seems to grow exponentially.

So it’s no surprise, that a company on Guam is using the technology to bring something new and fresh to Liberation Day.

Charlie Hermosa, president and co-founder of Bella Wings Aviation, has this to say about the upcoming show.

“Bella Wings Aviation is going to be putting on a show that no one here on Guam has seen before. We will be the first ones to put on a drone light show this year. It will initially be 100 drones but we definitely want to continue to scale up and continue to do more and potentially get to the point where we can put your face in the air as well. But for right now, what we have planned for Liberation Day is coming out perfectly,” he said.

And Hermosa says that’s not all that’s in store for the future of the drone industry in Guam.

He says that the potential market for the industry is boundless.

“Because you know from when we spoke in the beginning, we really wanted to get the industry moving forward.  We actually have a docu-series coming in next week as well. It’s called drones in America and they wanted to come out here and see what’s going on. So they’re going to come out and they’re going to film it here and they actually have a meeting with the governor and the lieutenant governor to kind of get their input about the industry … about where that drone technology is going to push forward on Guam,” Hermosa said.

Hermosa says they are also looking to do their first food drone delivery to the beach within the next few weeks. And as they develop more shows and continue to grow their company, they are looking to expand and build a community for the industry and potentially begin to teach and certify younger generations on this emerging technology.




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