Benevente Middle School Closed Briefly After Unknown Man Seen on Campus


Guam -Benevente Middle School in Dededo was shut down briefly this morning [Thursday] after students reported seeing an unknown man near one of the school’s rest-rooms.


Deputy DOE Superintendent Robert Malay told PNC News that a group of students told a school aide they saw the man and the aide in turn reported the presence of an unknown person to School Principal Dexter Fullo.  The Principal then called for a lock-down, shortly after 10 am, and police were called to the campus.

Malay said that the campus was inspected and no unauthorized person was found. The all clear was given about 11:30 am.

At no time did an adult school employee see the man reported to be on campus by the students, said Malay.

He speculated that it could have been a homeless person in the area.