Vandals Target Benavente Middle School, Again


Guam – Benavente Middle School was trashed overnight by 1 or more people who broke through a window in the A wing of the school and proceeded to break down doors into 5 classrooms and tear them apart.

Assistant Principal of the Dededo School, Silvino Quinene, tells PNC News that there was “significant damage” to 5 classrooms.

Desks were overturned, laptops and printers were broken. He could not say what if anything was stolen. Police were called and are still conducting their investigation.

Benavente was targeted last month as well and Quinene said he wants to emphasize the toll such acts of vandalism take on the students and faculty.

“They don’t consider the long term consequences of their actions,” said Quinene, “they don’t see the cost or impact.”

“This is un-exceptable,” he said.