Betel nut chewers needed for UOG study 


Betel nut chewers are being sought for the Betel Nut Biomarkers Study led by the University of Guam Cancer Research Center. The study is looking for participants who chew betel nut without tobacco and lime.

Participants will be compensated with a $40 gift certificate for either gas or groceries. Participants can also receive an additional $10 gift certificate for either gas or groceries for each participant they successfully recruit for the study.

The study aims to better understand betel nut-induced cancers on the island, which will help reduce the impact of cancer on Pacific island populations.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Live on Guam
  • Be 18+ years old
  • Chew betel nut without tobacco and lime

Participants will be asked to provide hair strands and cheek swabs and to complete a short survey. It will be a one-time meeting that will last an estimated 30 minutes.

Participation will be on a first-call basis.

To participate and for more information, please contact Jade San Nicolas Chennaux at (671) 735-3036 or

This study has been approved by the UOG Institutional Review Board’s Committee on Human Subjects Research (CHRS #21-01). It is NCI-funded through the Pacific Island Partnership for Cancer Health Equity (PIPCHE), Grant #2U54CA143728-11.

(UOG Release)