Bevacqua selected as Guam Museum curator

Dr. Michael Bevacqua has been selected as Guam Museum curator. (PNC photo)

Former University of Guam professor, CHamoru language teacher, and writer Dr. Michael “Miguet” Bevacqua was recently selected as the new curator of the Guam Museum.

As curator, he is now in charge of museum exhibits, artworks, historic artifacts, and more.

Bevacqua says he is honored and ready to start in his new position to help further highlight the history and culture of the indigenous CHamoru people.

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“The museum is one of the most important places in a community. It houses artifacts, it tells stories, it’s there to educate, to enlighten. When people visit a place, they go to a museum so they can kind of gain, even for an afternoon, a little sense of the people and place. And so for me, I love telling stories, I love teaching the language and the culture of the people. I love representing this place in creative ways so for me … so being at the museum, it’s awesome,” Bevacqua said.

Melvin Won-Pat Borja, the president of the Department of Chamorro Affairs, says Bevacqua is an essential part of the team and he believes in Bevacqua’s ability to showcase their collections that can connect with the public.

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“Dr. Bevacqua’s experience as an educator is invaluable to us. We have to be a lot better at the comprehensive approach in the telling of our story. It’s not enough to say this is what happened to us and this is how it affected us. It’s important for our community to contextualize our history and leverage it for their empowerment in the future,” Borja said.

Though the Guam Museum is still closed, Borja says that their staffers are already working toward reopening.

He is hopeful on possibly reopening their doors with the reopening of Guam’s tourism in May.

In the meantime, they are looking to address their infrastructural and personnel needs.