Won Pat Says Pfannenstiel Told Her ROD Will Delay Decision on Firing Range in Pagat Area


Guam – On the K-57 Breakfast Show this morning [Tuesday] JGPO’s Col. John Jackson said that the Record of Decision was signed about 7:40am by Assistant Secretary of the Navy Jackalyne Pfannenstiel and should be posted later today at http://www.guambuildupeis.us/ .

Also on the program, JGPO Executive Director David Bice said he expects the decision on locating a firing range off the back road to Andersen in the area of  the ancient Chamorro Village of Pagat will be delayed in the Record of Decision [ROD], pending further 106 consultations.

Bice told Host Ray Gibson that said he spoke this morning with Assistant Secretary of the Navy Jackalyne Pfannenstiel who will sign the ROD and that it was her intention to delay finalizing the use of the area as a firing range pending further review.

“It still is in limbo,” said Bice on the K-57 Breakfast Show.

Later on the K-57 Breakfast Show, Legislative Speaker Judi Won Pat confirmed that the firing range plans have been put on hold.

She said that Assistant Navy Secretary Pfannenstiel called her personally this morning and told her that the firing range plans have not been finalized because the Programmatic Agreement has not been signed and approved by all parities.

The Programmatic Agreement will guide how historical sites and the artifacts found there will be dealt with.