Bice Says, “Nearly $1 Billion Will Go To Guam’s Infrastructure”


Guam – Federal funding has always been Guam’s concern when it comes to the military build up in regards to the islands infrastructure.

Thursday retired U.S. Marine Corp General David Bice told members of the Rotary Club of Guam that The Department of Defense is finding funds to invest in Guam infrastructure.

Bice says, “Nearly $1 billion dollars, that’s billion with a B, actually $955 million dollars to be exact, will be invested in early on in infrastructure outside of military bases. Last week U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III notified congress that he was transferring $50 million to the US department of transportation to the US maritime administration for modernizing and improving Guam’s commercial port.

Bice says, That $50 million dollars enables the US Department of Agriculture to also kick in an additional $54 million dollars for a total of a $104 million dollars that will go into modernizing and upgrading Guam’s commercial port. In addition to those funds, $740 million dollars will come in from Japan to help upgrade Guam’s Utilities.

Bice also told the rotary club of Guam that there’s over $1.3 billion dollars of appropriated funds for  US Military Construction contracts ready to go at awarded for the build up.  He says they will be meeting next week with Japanese colleagues to talk about next years projects