Bid Package Being Prepared For GEC Office Space


Guam- The Guam Election Commission Board of Directors discussed the upcoming General Election and the eviction notice they were given by the GCIC management which owns the building they occupy.

Executive Director John Blas told PNC News that the landlord is allowing them to stay in their current office for now, despite having threatened legal action to evict them. Blas says GEC is talking with the General Services Agency (GSA) to find a new home.

“In light of that and more so, in light of the notices of our landlord, we actually submitted our office specifications to GSA” said Blas. “ They will be putting our bid package together and they will be putting out an announcement in preparation for the new fiscal year.”

GCIC has offered to cancel the eviction notice if GEC agrees to a six month lease in advance. Blas says DOA has declined the offer.