Bids Due Today for Security Equipment for DOE Schools


Today is the due date for interested vendors to submit their bids for security equipment at Guam Department of Education schools.

Guam – According to the General Services Agency, which is in charge of the procurement process for the security equipment, after a lengthy questions and answers portion, interested vendors would have to submit their bids by today if they want to be part of the selection process.


Earlier this year, GSA says there were six interested vendors that picked up packets, however, Robert Kono says they will not be able to tell PNC how many submitted packets and who those vendors are. Kono explains that this bid is a multi-step bid. 

Guam Department of Education Acting Deputy Superintendent Chris Anderson says there was a slight delay because the initial bid was modified so that about 36 DOE schools will be fitted with security equipment. After reviewing the bids, DOE can then make their selection of which vendor will be awarded the bid. Anderson says he hopes to push out the Notice To Proceed or NTP as soon as possible.


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