Big Taiwan data company, travel agency plan to avail of Guam’s vaccine tourism program

The Lion Group owns and operates 90 services centers around the world and staffs over 2400 employees globally. Lion Group is the largest DMC (Destination Management Company) in Taiwan. (Lion Group photo)

More Taiwanese groups have expressed interest in Guam’s vaccine tourism program.

According to Taiwan News, one entire company wants to charter a flight and take its whole staff to Guam for COVID-19 vaccination.

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According to staff writer Matthew Strong, giant Taiwanese memory and storage manufacturer ADATA plans to fund each employee US$3,500 to go on a chartered trip to Guam and get vaccinated.

ADATA is a publicly listed Taiwanese manufacturer. In 2017, ADATA was the second-largest DRAM module manufacturer in the world and had a market capitalization of US$680 million.

Quoting an article from the Central News Agency, Taiwan News reported that each ADATA employee would contribute an estimated $1,000 out of their own pocket for the July 18-22 trip.

Central News Agency reporter Wu Jiahao broke the story after obtaining an internal company letter stating that employees participating in the project will be allowed to take a three-day vacation and work from home during the two-week quarantine period.

Meanwhile, Focus Taiwan CNA English News is reporting that a big Taiwanese travel agency is planning to offer a five-day-four-night holiday to Guam for vaccine tourism.

Yu Kuo-chen, a spokesperson for Lion Travel, one of Taiwan’s largest travel agencies, is quoted as telling CNA that the company is discussing the possibility of direct flights between Taiwan and Guam with airlines.

According to Lion Travel, unlike a visit to the U.S. mainland, Taiwan passport holders can visit Guam without the need for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

CNA also quoted industry players as saying that Guam’s “vaccine tourism” provides several advantages for Taiwanese travelers, such as a relatively short flight time, low fare, a safe environment, and short length of stay.