Guthertz Bill Would Create GWA Billing Dispute Review Board


Guam – Lawmakers Monday heard testimony on Bill 10 which deals with how the Guam waterworks authority back bills it’s customers. 

A majority of the back billing has resulted from faulty water meters that undercharge GWA customers. Bill 10 would require that the PUC create a review board made up of members of the PUC, CCU, GWA the A. G.’s office and two governor selected appointees.

This review board would investigate and decide upon disputed billings. GWA testified in opposition to the bill because there is already a system in place for customers to dispute their bills and GWA is working on changing all faulty meters.

“Our target date is 2012 to completely change out the balance of the meters plus also internally in that process we would have addressed the new original meters that have the back flow preventor problems,” said Consolidated Utilities Servides G.M. John Benavente.

If passed the bill will require the review board to review disputed bills within 30 days of the filed dispute.