Bill 24-37 Special Session recesses to tomorrow

Lawmakers recess on Bill 24-37 special session (Screenshot Guam Legislature Youtube)

Lawmakers pushed the Special Session meant for Bill 24-37 to tomorrow.

Over the weekend Governor Lou Leon Guerrero called for the special session to be held at 10am today, on Bill 24-37, which would appropriate over $23M for GovGuam employee pay raises.

This session come before the 2pm emergency session, where Senators will look over bills to address issues surrounding the Guam Department of Education.

Although the special session did happen at 10am, Senators ultimately voted for a recesses.

With Democratic Senator, Chris Barnett saying that the legislatures focus for today should be the emergency session.

“We heard over five hours of testimony Friday at a Parent-Teacher Organization roundtable. That kind of reiterated for a lot of the members present, that even those who weren’t, how urgent and important, and critical dealing with the situation – the state of our schools. And how the situation on the state of our schools requires us to fulfil our responsibility to watch over and improve the education system where we can,” said Barnett.

That sentiment was also shared by Republican Senator Chris Duenas. Who told listeners on NewsTalk K57, in an interview with Patti Arroyo prior to the special session that, “the most important thing to deal with right now would be to deal with the issues surrounding education.”

The Special session for Bill 24-37 is set to reconvene tomorrow at 2pm.


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