Bill 275


Senator Telo Taitague introduced a bill that, in effect, removes the ability for autonomous agencies to transfer revenue to the autonomous agency collections fund.

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story…

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Senator Telo Taitague has introduced a bill to recognize public service contributions made by the autonomous agencies of the government.

Bill 275-36 removes the funding of the 3.5 million dollars distribution, but autonomous agencies must still provide annual report requirements on their contributions. Throughout the years there have been some contributions made but as of current reports, the AACF balance is at 0.

Earlier this month, the Office of Public Accountability submitted an audit report for the autonomous agency collections fund. The autonomous agencies involved include the Guam Power Authority, Port Authority of Guam, and the Guam International Airport Authority.

According to Taitague, the AACF was created in 1985 to serve as a transfer policy in lieu of payments for taxes. These contributions were made for the services that were provided to these autonomous agencies like Fire, EPA, customs, and other services.

According to OPA audit report 22 – 01, the OPA recommended that the accounts for the AACF be closed. This recommendation stems from the reason that the accounts are not active and not being used for their true intent due to various different barriers barring the agencies from transferring funds into the general funds. These barriers include but are not limited to a raise in power rates to offset fuel surcharge, a prohibition from bond covenants, and government services that were already provided.