Bill 291 veto override fails, 12 bills pass


Bill 291-36, also known as the Heartbeat Act bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected has officially stopped in its tracks.

Earlier today, the overturning of the Heartbeat Act failed as there were only 8 out of 10 votes necessary

Those who voted for the overturning are as follows:

with the exception of Senator Mary Camacho Torres – who is currently off island – all Republican lawmakers voted in favor of the bill – together with Democrats Amanda Shelton and Telena Cruz Nelson.

Those who voted against the override were Senators Sabina Perez, Clynt Ridgell, Jose Terlaje, and Speaker Therese Terlaje.

As for those who were absent from the vote was Republican Mary Camacho Torres – and Democrats Joe San Agustin and Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes.

All three have voted against Bill 291 in the past.

Another bill that was vetoed was Bill 306-36 which issues qualifying certificates to captive insurance companies who wholly underwrite insurance risks outside of Guam.

The other laws that were passed include:

Bill 327-36 now P.L. 36-128 allows businesses contributing to the design and construction of the Guam National Tennis Federation facilities to be eligible for tax credits.

Bill 332-36 now P.L. 36-129 authorizes tax credits for the rehabilitation and improvements of the football fields operated by the Guam National Football Federation.

Bil 348-36 now P.L. 36-131 mitigates the housing affordability crisis by authorizing tax incentives for eligible business entities that construct a minimum number of affordable housing units; creating affordable housing assistance funds; and requiring the deposit of affordable housing business privilege tax payments into the affordable housing assistance fund

Bill 354-36 now P.L. 36-132 is relative to the acquisition of library books, e-books, audiobooks, digital publications, newsletters, software, and any other publications deemed necessary by the Guam Public Library System.

Bill 355-36 now P.L. 133 amends the exemption to the policy against advanced payments to include the Guam Public Library System.

Bill 298-36 now P.L. 134 is relative to financing or refinancing improvements and capital improvements of the Jose D. Leon Guerrero Commercial Port, and other related facilities and operations of the port through revenue bond proceeds.

Bill 299-36 now P.L. 36-135 requires reasonable efforts to preserve and reunify families; establishing circumstances negating the requirement for reasonable efforts; updating disposition hearing requirements; updating timelines for the permanent placement of children; and terminating parental rights of a parent who subjects a child to aggravated circumstance.

Bill 334-36 now P.L. 36-136 which is relative to the adoption rules and regulations for child placement agencies.

Bill 351-36 now P.L. 36-137 which is relative to creating a virtual power plant program.

Bill 356-36 now P.L. 36-138 repeals and replaces existing Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners rules and regulations pertaining to the practice of acupuncture.

Bill 360-36 now P.L. 36-139 which is relative to protecting Guam’s air, water, land, and the health of its people from toxic exposure due to open burn and open detonation of hazardous waste.

Bill 361-36 now P.L. 36-140 which is relative to adopting the new source review rule for new and modified major sources in sulfur dioxide transmitted by the Guam Environmental Protection Agency.

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