Ada’s Solid Waste Authority Bill Amended to Make Authority Answer to Board, Not CCU


Guam – Senator Tom Ada’s bill which was meant to establish an autonomous Guam Solid Waste Authority answerable to the CCU was amended on the Legislative floor this morning [Wednesday] to make the Authority answerable to a Board of Directors instead.

Senator Ben Pangelinan introduced the amendment to Bill 35 after he and other Senators expressed reservations about giving the Consolidated Commission on Utilities [CCU] more power.

His amendment would require the Governor to appoint, and the Legislature to approve, a Solid Waste Authority Board. The new Authority would answer to the Board and not the CCU.

Pangelinan’s amendment was adopted by a vote of 9 to 3.

Senator Ada voted against Pangelinan’s amendment saying that the CCU has a demonstrated track record to effectively manage the proposed Solid Waste Authority.

However, Senator Ada told PNC News he could still live with the amended Bill because the 3 primary objectives have not been altered.

Those 3 objectives are:

1. the creation of an autonomous solid waste authority, no longer a Division of DPW

2. identifying a governing body [which will be a Board now, instead of the CCU]

3. establish a governing body to immediately begin initiating dialogue with the Federal Receiver, GBB, which is now running the Solid Waste Division of DPW in preparation of taking over those responsibilities once the receivership ends.