‘Bill 71 will help wholesalers and consumers alike’

Sen. James Moylan (PNC file photo)

A bill that would amend Public Law 33-106, which sets the weights and measurements for trucks and containers on Guam’s roads, will reverse the adverse effects which that law has had on the island’s cost of goods, Sen. James Moylan said.

From corned beef and frozen meat to jasmine rice and prepackaged beverages, almost all the goods we consume on Guam are transported through containers shipped to Guam that adhere to weight restrictions while being transported on Guam’s roads.

In support of complaints made by wholesalers and retailers over the years, Sen. James Moylan introduced Bill 71-35 which would increase the weight limit for freights.

According to Moylan, his bill could have a positive rippling effect on consumers and wholesalers alike.

“With Public Law 33-106, it costs more for the wholesalers to bring their goods to the warehouse and distribute those goods. So overall it increases the cost of goods. My bill will amend this law and make it more balanced. We consulted a lot of experts and companies and we believe we have the right solution in Bill 71-35,” Moylan said.

Although Public Law 33-106 helps protect Guam’s already crumbling roads, Moylan said the prices of goods and the cost of living will continue to rise if wholesalers are forced to comply with this law.

“Bill 71 will help those who are in the business of bringing commodities into this island ensure that we don’t have to live with a higher cost of living here and that the prices of goods will remain affordable,” Moylan said.

Senator Moylan hopes to include Bill 71 into this month’s legislative session.