Bill Aims to Bring the Emergency Room to your Door


In legislative news – members of Guam’s First Responder Community voiced their support for a bill aimed to bring the emergency room, to your door.

Reporting on this story is PNC’s Damen Michael

Daren Burrier, Assistant Fire Chief, Guam Fire Department said, “It’s a big game changer for the people of Guam. We will be able to have more of an ER-to-the-door concept now we’re gonna have paramedics arrive with all the medication that they’re gonna need there going to be able to start IVs and perform advanced cardiac life support measures in the field prior to arrival which means that we have a better chance of response of spontaneous circulation in patient to where they can survive outside the hospital. ”

Bill 335 according to Speaker Terlaje is a measure that intends to make updates to the ” Emergency Medical Services” policy to align Guam with the national certification standards, facilitates local certification for paramedics, in addition to implementation licensure fees to fund special training program that will enhance healthcare services on Guam.

Guam Fire Departments Assistant Fire Chief, Daren Burrier, testified by saying that he believes bill 335 is the right bill at the right time to progress the Emergency Medical Services in Guam.

Saying that with licensed paramedics in the field they will be able to provide a higher standard of care that will have a direct impact on patient survivability.

A written testimony by the GFD Fire Chief, Daniel Stone spoken by Speaker Terlaje indicates that the bill would help GFD to better serve the community.

Terlaje mentioned, ” acknowledging the national standards for all emergency healthcare providers will greatly enhance the services provided to the community by both public and private entities. ”

Dorothy Duenas, Administrator of the school of allied health at the Guam Community College said that GCC plays a key role in the enhancement of the EMS system as the leader in career and technical workforce development providing the highest quality student-centered education and job training for Micronesia.

Burrier says that with the concept of moving forward with paramedics, the partnership with GCC allows GFD an accredited educational institution that can provide the training and testing needed to create paramedics on the island.

He added that before they would have to send paramedic trainees off the island for internship and skill assessment but with paramedics practicing on Guam those who volunteer their time can become paramedic adjuncts to be able to train future paramedics for the island.

Reporting for the Pacific News Centre

I’m Damen Michael

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