Bill allows construction of ‘accessory dwelling units’ on residential properties

Senator Tony Ada (file photo)

Homeowners will soon be able to better accommodate their extended family on their
property with the passage of Bill No. 154-36 introduced by Senator Tony Ada.

Bill No. 154-36 would authorize the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units
(ADU) on residential property. ADUs are apartment-like structures either attached
to or separate from a single-family detached home that include bathroom, sleeping,
and kitchen facilities. They are also known as granny flats or in-law suites. At
present, such structures can not legally be built.

“The aim of this bill is to increase housing affordability while promoting multigenerational living. ADUs are an excellent way to provide housing for adult children who are just out of school and seeking employment, newlyweds who are saving to buy their own home, aging
parents, or caregivers,” Ada said.

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Co-sponsors for Bill No. 154-36 are Senators Chris Duenas, James Moylan, and
Frank Blas, Jr.

(Senator Anthony Ada Release)