Bill creates funding for municipal cops, village kobans


Guam – Reviving municipal police presence and creating public-private partnerships for village kobans, this is one senator’s plan to deter crime and make residents feel safer. 

As proposed by the bill, no less than one percent of the projected amount of business privilege taxes or (BPT) will be allocated towards the funding of the Municipal Police Division each year. The appropriation will support the recruitment of new officers and fund their presence in subsequent years.

This is the intent of Senator James Moylan’s Bill 100-35, according to a release sent out Tuesday.

The release projects that the bill’s one percent allocation will capture $3 million for FY 2020, enabling the Guam Police Department to recruit 30 additional officers to kick start the division.

The proposed legislation will establish a cap of no more than $500,000 in tax credits over 4 years, or around $125,000 a year. The funding will be used for the construction of the kobans and to provide furnishings, telecoms, and/or vehicles.

GPD will continue managing the kobans.