Bill drafted to stop hiring of abortion doctor

Former senator Robert Klitzkie says he has put together legislation to stop the search for an abortion doctor at the taxpayer's expense.

Is it the governor’s duty to find an abortionist who will relocate to Guam and perform abortions on the island?

Former senator Robert Klitzkie says no, it isn’t. And to ensure the administration does not perform outside of its scope of governmental functions, he has put together legislation to stop the search at the taxpayer’s expense.

Since May of last year, the island has not had any abortions performed because there is no licensed doctor willing to perform the procedure.

With Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero announcing that the search was on for an abortion doctor, Klitzkie proposed draft legislation to senators that would put an end to this.

Klitzkie’s legislation is called the Prohibition of Procuring an Abortionist Act of 2019.

“The governor and Jayne Flores at the Bureau of Women’s affairs are apparently attempting to recruit an abortionist or entice an abortionist to come to Guam. Apparently, because there haven’t been any reported abortions since May of last year, maybe they see that as an emergency, Klitzkie said.

The search for an abortionist began after concerns were raised regarding victims of sexual abuse who become pregnant as a result of rape and not having an option to terminate the pregnancy.

Jayne Flores, who heads the Bureau of Women’s Affairs, said she’s a one-woman show who is contacting planned parenting and which matches abortion providers with clinics and clinics with abortion providers.

According to Klitzkie, Flores has stated that she is unsure if the abortionist would work for the government or in the private sector. He said Flores will be having a closed-door meeting with Department of Public Health and Social Services officials to address the issue of recruiting a doctor.

According to Flores, no money is being expended by the government to do this. “Right now, its just conversations,” Flores said.

But Klitzkie’s legislation would prohibit any government employee from recruiting an abortionist as government time would be expended in the search and that translates into government dollars. Kilitzkie also has other concerns on how the issue is being handled.

“I just don’t see it as a proper governmental function for Jayne to be out recruiting and abortionist for the island,” Klitzkie said.

While the governor has taken a pro-choice stance on the issue of abortion, Adelup did not provide comment on the proposed Klitzkie legislation as the governor is currently in transit back to the island.


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