Bill extends electric car rebates


Guam – Who needs gas when you can just plug it in and drive? That’s the direction Sen. Sabina Perez wants to steer the island toward by promoting the use of electric vehicles or EVs.

Currently, Guam law gives individuals a 10 percent rebate amounting up to $3,000 for electric vehicles bought on Guam.

Bill 84-35 extends this rebate to local businesses and non-profit organizations, and allows them to use the rebate on up to 3 electric cars.

Perez said that an electric four-door car is ideal for many businesses because they cost under $35,000 dollars, can drive for 225 miles, and can charge overnight on regular outlets.

While Bill 84-35 focuses on EVs use by private enterprise, the measure also focuses on prioritizing this type of vehicle purchases for GovGuam.

The bill also has rules and regulations necessary to implement the program.

Once enacted, the law would require GovGuam to purchase an electric vehicle when available – provided it meets government needs and is within 10 percent of the price of a similarly performing non-electric vehicle.

The bill allows for careful exemptions should a vehicle not meet size, range, or other performance requirements of the government.

Perez said the mandate will likely only affect small vehicle purchases in the near term, but since prices for larger vehicles may drop, the law would incentivize their procurement for the government.

Because millions of dollars are spent on oil and gas every year, Perez said the bill would reduce the island’s dependence on oil and keep more money on the island.