Bill Heard to Save Cushing Zoo


A public hearing was held on a bill that would turn the Cushing Zoo or the Guam Zoological Botanical and Marine Garden into a biodiversity conservation easement.


Guam – The legislature held a public hearing on a bill to make the Cushing Zoo a biodiversity conservation easement.


 The owners of the Cushing Zoo also known as the Guam Zoological Botanical and Marine Garden will manage the biodiversity conservation easement. The bill states that the owners will pay a thousand dollars a month to the Chamorro Land Trust Commission. However Senator Tom Ada brought up the possibility during the hearing yesterday(Thurs.) to lower that amount to a dollar a year. Many testified in favor of the bill but against the thousand dollar monthly rent considering the public service that the Zoo provides which includes rescuing many injured native birds that are sent to them by the Department of Agriculture.

 “This is a way for us to step up to the plate and do something really positive to help our endangered species and I’m thrilled to hear all of these propositions that are coming out. Maybe a dollar a year type of thing if that’s possible, way to go Guam. I think that’s phenomenal. If we also lose the zoo we brought up what happens as you were mentioning…do the Cushing’s get reimbursed at all for any of the wildlife that we call them up to and ask them we’ve got a tropic bird here we’ve got a dulili with a broken leg? Our veterinarians do a wonderful job healing these animals but they need a place to recover,” said Suzanne Medina of The Department of Agriculture. Medina also testified saying the first step to recovering the island’s native birds is allowing the children and the public to see Guam’s native birds in places like the Cushing zoo.