Bill introduced to exempt groceries, medication, necessities from sales tax


Guam – Senator Regine Biscoe Lee has introduced a bill that would exempt basic necessities from the sales tax, which goes into effect on October 1.

If passed, bill 264, which she calls the “Working Families Relief Act,” would exempt items such as groceries, diapers, medicine and feminine hygiene products from the new sales tax.

This is similar to an amendment she had made to a previous bill that was heard by the legislature in special session; however the amendment failed to make it onto bill 248.

Lee says she hopes the passage of the Working Families Relief Act will “directly support and strengthen Guam’s families and the businesses who serve them.”

Lee says many jurisdictions exempt certain foods, prescription medicine and certain medical devices from a sales tax, adding that the passage of the bill will “help offset the already rising cost of living on Guam.”