Bill introduced to hold Yona recall election


Vice Speaker Telena Nelson has introduced a bill that would authorize and fund a recall election in Yona to replace jailed mayor Jesse Blas.

Blas has been unable to carry out his duties as mayor since his arrest on Sept. 18.

During a recent town hall meeting hosted by the Vice Speaker, Yona residents voiced concerns about community welfare and the lack of leadership in their village.

Nelson’s Bill No. 259-35 would appropriate about $23,000 to cover the cost of a recall election.

It does not set a date for the recall election. That would be left to the Guam Election Commission if the bill is passed.

In a release announcing the introduction of her bill, the senator said: “We continue to pray for the current Mayor and his family. However, we answer to the people of all our villages.”

Blas is facing federal extortion and bribery charges over allegations that he rented cluster mailboxes under his control to an FBI informant posing as a drug dealer.

The Mayors Council of Guam has urged him to resign, but he has not yet done so.

His trial is scheduled to begin on Feb. 4.