Bill proffered to eliminate job drug testing


Cannabis may no longer be a barrier to employment. Bill No. 294-36 (COR), introduced by Senators Jose “Pedo” Terlaje and Clynt Ridgell and Vice Speaker Tina Muña Barnes, will prohibit employers from testing for use of cannabis in its pre-employment screening process. This is a commonsense piece of legislation that should aid in the start-up of Guam’s cannabis industry. However, there are exceptions for prospective employees applying for jobs in law enforcement, healthcare, child or adult care, or that require a commercial driver’s license.

Recreational cannabis use was approved with the passage and implementation of Public Law 35-5. For the full and true implementation of this law, the legislature recognizes the need to remove any testing requirement for a legal substance as it acts as a barrier to work for law abiding citizens.

“Testing for a legal substance to enter the work force is not in the best interests of our people, and makes no sense to me,” stated Terlaje, “I also understand that marijuana and its medicinal properties help so many people with a wide range of health issues, no one should be punished for their use of cannabis products.”

“People should be allowed to consume cannabis during their off-work hours just as they drink alcohol after work. Unlike alcohol, cannabis does not leave you with a nasty hangover in the morning. We don’t test for alcohol consumption, why should we test for cannabis consumption?” stated Senator Ridgell.

“Pre-employment marijuana testing stalls job placement and, in turn, prevents economic growth. The private use of a legal substance should not be a barrier from gainful employment. This is a major step towards starting this trailblazing industry,” said Vice Speaker Muña Barnes.