Bill protects funding to build new hospital

Guam Memorial Hospital (PNC file photo)

Senator Christopher Dueñas introduced a bill Tuesday to ensure that funding is used towards the construction of a new hospital.

To be known as the Building Trust Act of 2021, the bill, if enacted, will ensure that the funding to build a new hospital to replace the Guam Memorial Hospital is protected.

The bill would take the $300 million that Duenas says Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero committed for a new hospital and place it in a trust fund managed by the Guam Economic Development Authority.

“I want to work with Governor Lou Leon Guerrero on her promise to the people – dedicating $300 million to the construction of a new public hospital for our people of Guam. I hope to gain full support on this bill from my colleagues in the 36th Guam Legislature,” said Senator Duenas.

“This will make sure that the commitment of a new hospital is realized. With the three hundred million set aside, that would leave three hundred forty-four million left over, twenty million of which is committed to GVB and thirty-seven million for GEDA. In addition, the Legislature has also submitted and continues to submit bills using this funding like the ‘Let’s Get Guam Moving’ that Senator Moylan, Senator Ada, and I have introduced. I’d like to thank my fellow Senators: Senator Telo Taitague, Senator Tony Ada, Senator Joanne Brown, and Senator Frank Blas Jr. for their support and being cosponsors for this bill.” said Senator Dueñas.

(Senator Christopher Dueñas Release)