Bill Provides Additional Remedy for Sexual Assault Victims

The newest mural is located on the walkway of the Guam Congress Building. The street art gives an illusion of the walkway breaking open to reveal the sea life of the Marianas Trench.

Bringing the discussion back to legislation – a bill was introduced which seeks to provide a civil remedy to victims of sexual violence.

PNC’s Khyomara Santana has more on the story…

If bill 313-36 were to be enacted into law, it would provide an additional remedy for sexual assault victims who find it hard to use protective orders for their benefit.

The bill intends to allow victims of sexual violence to file a protective order petition with the court against the perpetrator.

Senator Mary Camacho Torres said that they were prompted to draw this bill to further help victims of sexual violence.

When the discussion was held on bills 242, 243, and 244, which are already law, Torres said that although these bills deal with victims’ rights and redefining consent, more had to be done as protective orders were not afforded to victims of sexual violence.

Senator Torres said, “The discussion at that time by the AG’s (Attorney General’s) office was that we needed to do a little bit more. There was a protection that was not afforded to victims of sexual violence at the time, and that was the protective orders. They were discussing how in family violence cases, for example, it was easier for them to get a stay away order from the court but for sexual assault victims it wasn’t”

A public hearing for bill 313-36, which was introduced by senator Torres, will be held next tomorrow. She prompts individuals interested in giving testimony to attend the hearing or send written testimony.

Torres said, “Because they are practical bills that we feel are gonna help victims to not only feel that there are remedies for them but that the system works more towards their favor”

The Senator said that the series of bills that will be discussed during the upcoming public hearing seeks to make it easier for victims to seek justice and treatment.

Furthermore, Senator Torres said,  “If they’re seeking help, whether they decide to go further and have the, you know, press charges, that at least victims can seek remedies and can seek help through the system, so that’s what these policies are intended to do. It just gives victims more of an opportunity to come forward and help themselves, you know, and if they so choose to seek justice, but mostly to seek treatment and counseling,”

Reporting for the Pacific News Center, I’m Khyomara Santana.


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