Bill providing local funding for Guam war claims now with Trump administration

Speaker Tina Muna Barnes

Speaker Tina Muna Barnes has submitted to the Trump administration the final draft of the bill which provides local funding for the payment of Guam war claims.

In her monthly address, the Speaker said the bill incorporates the edits by the governor’s policy advisors.

“Through our collaboration with our federal counterparts, we intend to overcome administrative barriers that will allow for the Government of Guam to get a list of Compensable Guam Victims that are entitled to an adjudicated award by the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission,” Barnes said.

“Furthermore, because our local government is working with our federal counterparts, we aim for our legislation to allow for the facilitation of the World War II Loyalty Recognition Act, a federal program that our government is willing to step in to facilitate,” she added.

In her address, the Speaker also commended Congressman Michael San Nicolas for the strides he has made to correct an administrative error in previous legislation.

“Congressman San Nicolas, in his capacity as an incoming freshman in Congress, has worked tirelessly and successfully to also do right by our survivors. For our local fix to a decades-old program to work, I would like to point out that it is essential for his legislation to pass both the House and Senate and then garner the signature of our Commander in Chief. With the passage of Congressman San Nicolas’ H.R. 1365, this would allow for our local government to be compensated from our earmarked Section 30 monies,” the Speaker said.

While the issue has been politicized, the Speaker said she is committed to making sure Guam gets some answers and solutions to this decades-old dilemma.

“With the support of my colleagues, our Maga’Haga, and the Congressman, I am confident that we can soon put this issue to rest. In closing, let’s all take the time to remember our manamko’ who suffered through the tragedy of war,” the Speaker concluded.