Bill seeks to improve accessibility placard application process


Senator Amanda L. Shelton is advocating for a more accessible and reasonable process for accessibility placard applications in an effort to provide relief to individuals with disabilities and their families.

Bill No. 65-36 (COR) will remove the expiration date entirely on placards for those with permanent disabilities and extend the limit of validity of accessibility placards for those with temporary disabilities from six (6) months to twelve (12) months, provided the duration of the disability is certified by a physician.

“Our residents with permanent disabilities should not have to trek to the Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT) and wait in line to renew their accessibility placards,” the senator said.

Individuals with disabilities may have a physical or mental impairment that restricts their activities of daily living. Requiring bi-annual doctors’ visits and subjecting these individuals to long lines and copious amounts of paperwork is unnecessary.

“Providing physical accommodations for those with limitations is insufficient if we do not advocate for an accessible and reasonable application process from start to finish,” said Senator Shelton. “This Bill breaks down barriers for individuals with disabilities in our community and brings relief to this stressful process.”

The measure—co-sponsored by Senator Mary Camacho Torres, Vice Speaker Tina Rose Muña Barnes, Senator Jose “Pedo” Terlaje, and Senator Sabina Flores Perez—provides for this upgrade to the process of obtaining an accessibility placard at the Department of Revenue and Taxation, and considerable relief of DRT’s workload during these exceedingly busy times.