Bill seeks to increase training opportunities for job seekers

Applicants line up during the Tsubaki Tower job fair. (PNC file photo by Kent Pueblo)

Senator Sabina Flores Perez has introduced Bill 201-36 (COR), co-sponsored by Senator Joe San Agustin, which seeks to increase the capacity of workforce development programs and scholarships by appropriating additional funding.

Bill 201-36 appropriates additional funding to the Guam Community College and Department of Labor to increase the capacity of bootcamps and apprenticeships administered by those respective agencies. “Many of our unemployed are casualties of the tourism sector. Training these individuals in different skill sets creates more job opportunities and career development,” Senator Perez said.

“With the latest unemployment numbers reported at 11.4% as of June 2021, it is apparent that our people are hurting, and need work. I believe that training and education are the key components to lifting our people up and enabling them to pivot their careers into different sectors,” Senator Perez stated.

Bill 201-36 also appropriates additional funding to the Pedro “Doc” Sanchez and Antonio C. Yamashita Teacher Corps scholarship programs to allow for more scholarship recipients. “With the aging civil service soon ready to retire, the need to raise up our government employees is here. Bill 201-36 will accomplish that by giving more opportunities for our GovGuam employees while opening the door for incoming employees who availed of these scholarships,” Senator Perez said.

“As we continue into this new normal, it’s important to address the issue of our workforce. We need to provide the platform for their success. With more funding and assistance from our local government, this can be achieved,” the senator added.