Bill seeks to protect cancer patients’ insurance benefit


Senator Louise Muña has introduced legislation that seeks to protect cancer patients who join in clinical trials from having their health insurance coverage cancelled just because they participated in the clinical trials.

According to a letter to the Guam Cancer Coalition from the Department of Revenue and Taxation, protections afforded to cancer patients nationwide from losing health insurance coverage if they participate in a clinical trial are not available to Guam’s cancer patients.

Bill No. 302-35 if enacted will provide cancer patients who participate in clinical trials with the same protections available to those in the rest of the country.

Senator Muña also introduced Bill No. 304-35 that will enact a Guam version of the federal Right to Try.

This bill enacts the same rights enacted by Congress but also creates specific liability protections for Guam healthcare professionals and clinics that are comparable to those in the rest of the country. The bill also designates the Director of Public Health and Social Services as the official responsible for administering the Right to Try laws on Guam.

Senator Muña emphasizes, “Cancer patients and their families have enough challenges in fighting this terrible disease and seeking the best treatment options. They don’t need to be fighting insurance companies to keep the coverage in their policies that they paid for.” (press release)