Bill to aid students with simpler access to Guam ID introduced

Senator James Moylan (PNC file photo)

Legislation to provide additional assistance to high school students in attaining a Guam Identification Card (Guam ID) has been introduced by Senator James Moylan and co-sponsored by Senators Telena Nelson, Amanda Shelton, Mary Camacho Torres, and Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes.

Bill 163-36 (COR), which was filed last Thursday proposes to designate Guam Public High Schools as sites for students to apply for a Guam ID.

Possession of a Guam ID creates many opportunities for students, inclusive of employment, planning for higher education, traveling, banking, or applying for student financial aid or public assistance. However, many students face challenges when applying for forms of identification due to individual circumstances, most specifically transportation or cost factors.

Bill 163-36 (COR) would allow for coordination between the Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT) and the Guam Department of Education (GDOE) to establish a policy where a student can apply to obtain a Guam ID within the school.

The process would abide by all rules and regulations, inclusive of confidentiality, and this would be inclusive of designating a GDOE employee in picking up the Guam IDs for the students. The measure further waives the fees for a new Guam ID if it is applied for through the school.

“Bill 163 is a practical measure which should help many students obtain an identification card in the simplest of manners, as this would open many doors from employment to higher education and financial aid opportunities”, stated Senator Moylan. “We have to recognize that some students face challenges with transportation and in some cases financial constraints, that it is only appropriate for our government to create logical policies, such as this measure. The objective is simple, that a graduating senior should not just leave with a diploma, but also the means to further their life’s opportunities,” the senator added.

Bill 163-36 (COR) materialized from discussions with Ms. Carla Masnayon, principal of Simon Sanchez High School, who shared the importance of this reasonable policy. The idea was also endorsed by her colleagues, the principals of other Guam Public High Schools, inclusive of Ms. Rita Flores (Okkodo High School), Ms. Sophia Duenas (Tiyan High School), Dr. Barbara Adamos (John F. Kennedy High School), Mr. Dexter Fullo (George Washington High School), and Mr. Michael Meno (Southern High School). The measure was also supported by GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez.

“We appreciate the exchange of dialogue with Principal Masnayon, who educated me and my team on the importance of this simple yet critical issue. I would also like to extend an appreciation to my colleagues for their co-sponsorship of the measure. Bill 163-36 has the potential to help many students, and that makes this legislation very monumental,” Moylan said.

(Senator James Moylan Release)