Bill To Boost Veteran Support Awaits Governor’s Approval

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During a legislative session held last week – Bill 227-36, also known as the SERVES act, passed and is waiting for the governor’s approval.

Back in December 2021, Senator Amanda L. Shelton introduced Bill No. 227, the “Securing and Ensuring the Rights Veterans Earned Act.

When it was introduced the SERVE Act enabled the Guam Veterans Affairs Office to execute the Veterans’ Bill of Rights and ensure that Guam veterans receive increased access to housing assistance, employment support, education opportunities, and healthcare services as well as $500,000 from revenues received from Earned Income Tax Reimbursements to implement these programs.

Now it has asked for funding from the 2021 General Fund Unappropriated Revenues.

A new amendment was also added in response to problems expressed by the community that have arisen because of the lack of resources, staffing, and space for burial grounds.

This new amendment would help fund operations and implementations of programs for the Veterans Cemetary.

Although the Veterans Affairs has applied for grants, Senator Shelton has expressed that the money being allocated will jump start the process in the grand scheme of things….and that the appropriation is needed to provide the VA resources they need to successfully help Guam’s Veterans

Senator Shelton added that the progress in the bill, truly shows that action is louder than the words, and that with this it shows how thankful for their sacrifices and everything they have given to us selfless.

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