Bill to Sue Federal Government Over Ordot Dump Gets Tabled


Dump Suit Bill Sent Back to Committee

Guam – Senator Mike San Nicolas successfully tabled a bill introduced by Senator Chris Duenas to sue the federal government for polluting the Ordot dump.



San Nicolas explains that he’s concerned with Bill 281 because it would require GovGuam to spend $350 thousand dollars to hire a lawfirm to sue the federal government for harms at the Ordot dump. On top of this the lawfirm would get 30 percent of whatever GovGuam wins in the suit. The bill states that GovGuam could win $100 to $200 million dollars for the lawsuit which means the lawfirm could stand to gain $30 to $60 million dollars. “And my concern is why are we going to spend the people’s money to do all of the legwork and then turn it over to an attorney to spend 30 percent of the people’s winnings,” said Senator San Nicolas. Senator San Nicolas says the bill is going to be referred back to committee.