Rodriquez Bill Would Mandate Energy Efficient Street Lights


Guam – A public hearing was held today on Senator Dennis Rodriguez’s bill 13 which if passed would mandate the conversion of all public streetlights to alternative energy units or energy efficient light sources.



 The bill in it’s current form requires the efficient energy task force to direct GPA & DPW on how to convert all the streetlights to alternative energy or energy efficient light sources. GPA testified in favor of the bill however John Benavente did express concerns with redundancy between the efficient energy task force and the Guam energy office. In addition to this GPA general manager Joaquin Flores says they are already taking the initiative to study ways to implement alternative and energy efficient equipment. “Come February one there is a new surcharge that’s coming in and oil is just driving our costs up unnecessarily so the idea there is the concept of megawatts there’s no sense in generating megawatts that’s unneeded especially when we know there are more efficient uses of that energy,” said Flores.

 The GPA G.M. says that even though they are a utility they have a responsibility to look at ways to reduce energy costs.