Billions could be cut from SNAP benefits following passage of House Bill

Former Guam representative to Congress Madeleine Bordallo has criticized current Guam congressman Michael San Nicolas’ announcement of a planned Guam Liberation commemoration event to be celebrated in Congress.

Guam – Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo issued a statement following the passage of the “Farm Bill” by the House of Representatives, as billions of dollars could be cut from SNAP benefits.

Up to 400,000 households are likely to be affected by a provision within the Bill that will expand the work requirements and modify eligibility rules for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

While it is unclear at this time how the Bill will impact Guam IF PASSED INTO LAW, it is clear that the impact at the national level alone will disqualify hundreds of thousands of those in need.

The “Farm Bill” passed in the House also includes a total ban of cockfighting in U.S. territories. Speaking with Newstalk K57’s Andrea Pellacani, District Chief of Staff to the Congresswoman Jon Junior Calvo discussed the colonial environment that the people of Guam continue to experience, as the Bill affects U.S. territories that have no ability to vote.

The unfairness in the passage of the Bill is not only that no input from territories was heard, but also that it undermines and disregards local legislation.

“And so, you know, cutting billions of dollars from the SNAP benefits and imposing requirements for participants is definitely not necessarily in line with the way that programs such as these should work in order to help families who are struggling, help single parents etc. So, you know again, cutting billions of dollars is not going to do anyone good and it’s just going to continue to impact, negatively impact those who really need these programs,” said Calvo.

While the House version passed, the Senate version of the Bill to be debated does not contain a ban on cockfighting. However, any Senator may offer such an amendment to the bill.