Bipartisan measure introduced to lower the cost of goods

Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes and Senator James Moylan

Bill 83-36 was introduced by Vice Speaker Tina Rose Muña Barnes and Senator James Moylan with the intent of reducing the cost of transportation of containers and ultimately reducing the cost of commodities for local families.

Currently, local laws place a cap on the weight of each container on the roads of Guam, making local companies pay more to move partially empty containers from the Port of Guam to the store shelves, ultimately passing the cost to the consumer.

According to the sponsors of the bill, their measure allows for a greater maximization of each container – saving cost, and also promoting a lower carbon footprint.

They added that lower weight measures require wholesalers to increase their shipping needs for the same amount of goods they were bringing in previously, thus these additional shipping costs are passed over to the price of the goods being imported, which ultimately results in consumers paying more.

In discussions with various businesses that were impacted by PL 33-106, there were many instances and sound reasons to find a balance in how much weight to allow for vehicles driving on our roads.

Just reviewing the cost of shipping alone from the United States West Coast, the current formula estimates to be almost 17% higher versus if a reasonable and balanced weights and measure formula was utilized, the sponsors of the bill said.

“While a similar bill was introduced last term, thanks to the continued advocacy of our local residents and local businesses, now at a critical time, we were able to come up with a common-sense measure to reduce the cost of living on Guam” stated Vice Speaker Muña Barnes.

“I want to thank Lt. Governor Joshua Tenorio and the Guam Contractors Association for thoroughly taking the time to review the proposal and finding a middle ground that will help our People” stated Senator Jim Moylan.