Bipartisan resolution rejecting Insular Cases introduced in Congress


Last Friday, House Natural Resources Committee Chair Raúl Grijalva introduced a bipartisan resolution rejecting the early 20th century U.S. Supreme Court decisions referred to as the Insular Cases

The resolution argues that those cases rely on a racist doctrine of “separate and unequal” to establish the relationship between the United States and its territories.

The resolution says this is made clear by the inclusion of deeply offensive language.

Examples of that language include references to people living in U.S. territories as “alien races”, “people with an uncivilized race” and “savage and restless people.”  

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The resolution was co-sponsored by representatives from New York and Illinois as well as representatives from U.S. territories including Guam Congressman Michael San Nicolas and CNMI Congressman Gregorio Sablan.

The resolution is also supported by the organizations Equally American and the ACLU.

Grijalva and the Natural Resources Committee plan to host a legislative hearing in May to discuss the resolution.