Birn: War claims reimbursement has been reconciled; $11M repayment expected in 10 days

Department of Administration director Edward Birn says the government saved some money last year on their contract with Aetna since retirees were moved to a different plan. (PNC file photo)

The U.S. Treasury Department’s reimbursement to GovGuam of roughly $11 million in war claims paid out using Guam taxpayers funds “has been reconciled,” according to Department of Administration Director Edward Birn.

During his online news conference on Wednesday, Congressman Michael San Nicolas said the Treasury Department is still trying to reconcile the amount saying the local program “was potentially causing delays.”

However, on K57 Thursday morning, Birn told host Patti Arroyo that the reimbursement has now been reconciled.

“In fact, we have reconciled,” said Birn. “The last I heard yesterday was that Treasury was putting each claimant we paid into their system so that they could send the money back to us. So I think its just an administrative issue.”

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Birn said Treasury officials have advised that they expect the $11 million to be repaid within the next 10 days.

In response, Congressman San Nicolas pointed out in a text message to PNC News that the need for Treasury to do a separate data entry “is in fact an ongoing reconciliation.”

And that reconciliation, he said, is causing a delay that “would not have been necessary if not for the local program.”