Black Construction Being Sued Over Religious Discrimination


Guam – A former Black Construction Corporation employee is accusing the company of religious discrimination after he says his supervisor coereced him to “dishonor” his Catholic beliefs by converting to Iglesia Ni Cristo or get fired.

Rolando T. Canoy has filed a complaint in the District Court of Guam. Canoy alleges that Black Construction management knew about the harassment but failed to protect him by applying corrective action, according to court documents.

Canoy says that from April to September of 2008, his supervisor, Robert Redolozo, would repeatedly instruct Canoy and his wife to attend sessions at Iglesia Ni Cristo. Canoy said he felt compelled to attend because Redolozo implied that in order to remain in good standing with him, Canoy must attend his church.

Canoy says he attended a few times with his wife. In the first session, Canoy says he observed that INC members would receive “recognition” for recruiting members into their church.

After Canoy refused to attend sessions at INC, he alleges Redolozo’s demeanor “drastically changed” and Redolozo began “wrongfully” accusing him of work errors.

Further, Canoy alleges that his co-workers warned him that they also have been instructed to attend sessions at INC, but that they do it so they could keep their job.

Canoy said he was eventually fired in September 2008, a few weeks after he refused to attend INC at the urging of Redolozo.

Canoy is suing for punitive and exemplary damages to be proven in court, as well as attorneys’ fees.

Read the FULL complaint Here.